SIL::Shoe - Module for interacting with SIL Shoebox and SIL Toolbox files


This module has support for SIL Shoebox and SIL Toolbox files that are stored using Standard Format which is a textual format in which a field is marked by a Standard Format Marker (SFM) at the start of a line. An SFM is simply \ followed by some non space characters.

A key field marker is used to mark the start of a record. Records may have multiple key fields with the same contents and a field marker (other than the key field marker) may occur multiple times within a record.

In addition to the core data, there are various settings files that facilitate the database program itself. This module interacts with those as well.

Scripts that come with the module are key programs: cvs2sh, sh2cvs, sh2sh, sh2xml, shadd, shdiff3, shdiffn, shed, shintr, shlex, sh_rtf, zipdiff, zipmerge, zippatch