SMS::API - A module to send SMS using the servers


  use HTTP::Request::Common;
  use LWP::UserAgent;
  use SMS::API;
                        #To send SMS Replace with email and password and message text. You can get Email/Username by visiting
  my $sms = SMS::API->new(
    'email' => "$email",
    'password' => "$password",
    'to' =>  "$to",      #Substitute by a valid International format mobile number to whom you wanted to send SMS. eg. 919811111111
    '$from' => "$from",  #Optional
    'message'=>"$message", #Max 160 characters Message.
  my $send = $sms->send;


This is a module for sending the SMS by integrating with the servers of

For a solution of directly sending the SMS via internet or through SMS visit In case of any problem whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact .We have an excellent team of customer support and you will be responded in hours.

NOTE: You first need to register at (visit the URL and request a sms gateway account. You will given one within seconds and it is free)for using this module. On registering you will be given a user id and password and some free test credits. You can use the credits to send the SMS.

NOTE: We are very serious about this module and any errors performed are requested to be reported at

NOTE: This module has a dependency over LWP::UserAgent and HTTP::Request::Common and that must be installed to properly send the SMSes . It can be obtained easily from cpan.

At the moment these methods are implemented:


A constructor

The parameters sent are : email , password = The user name and Password given to you at the time of signup. message = The message you wish to send. from = If your account supports dynamic sender id then this parameter will tell what will be the from id as seen by the mobile. to = The mobile number whom you wish to send SMS to in international format eg. 919811111111 .


This method send an SMS. On successful sending the SMS the function returns the error text / success text.

You can also visit the to check the status by logging on to your account.


This function is to be implemented and will be included if the need increases the coding time :) to get this method implemented pl. visit and place a query at

And do not forget to inform the author of any bugs you encountered or the features you want into that.


This module was initially made for the indian audience and so was the site , international customers were also brought in later but you need to place a special request for that. As alread mentioned prouds to have a good support and you will be replied faster than expected.

Virus free , Spam Free , Spyware Free Software and hopefully Money free software .


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