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SNMP::Info::Entity - SNMP Interface to data stored in ENTITY-MIB. RFC 2737


Max Baker


 # Let SNMP::Info determine the correct subclass for you. 
 my $entity = new SNMP::Info(
                          AutoSpecify => 1,
                          Debug       => 1,
                          DestHost    => 'myswitch',
                          Community   => 'public',
                          Version     => 2
    or die "Can't connect to DestHost.\n";

 my $class      = $entity->class();
 print "SNMP::Info determined this device to fall under subclass : $class\n";


ENTITY-MIB is used by Layer 2 devices from Brocade, Cisco, HP, and more.

See RFC 2737 for full details.

Create or use a device subclass that inherit this class. Do not use directly.

For debugging purposes you can call this class directly as you would SNMP::Info

 my $entity = new SNMP::Info::Entity (...);

Inherited Classes


Required MIBs


MIBs can be found at ftp://ftp.cisco.com/pub/mibs/v2/v2.tar.gz




These are methods that return tables of information in the form of a reference to a hash.

Entity Table





Human entered, not usually used.



Stack, Module, Container, Port ...



Human Friendly





BOOLEAN. Is a Field Replaceable unit?





This is human entered and not normally used.



See MIB.



Model Name of Entity.



More computer friendly name of entity. Parse me.



0 if root.



Maps Entity Table entries to the Interface Table (IfTable) using $entity->e_map()


The relative position among all entities sharing the same parent.







This is an OID, which gets munged into the object name if the right MIB is loaded.



Vendor of Module.


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