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SSH::RPC::Result - Provides methods for the response from a SSH::RPC::Client run() method request.


version 1.204


This module is never used directly by you. Instead you'll ge a reference to this object as it's created by SSH::RPC::Client.


The following methods are accessible from this class.

getError ()

Returns the human readable error message (if any).

getResponse ()

Returns the return value(s) from the RPC, whether that be a scalar value, or a hash reference or array reference.

getShellVersion ()

Returns the $VERSION from the shell. This is useful if you have different versions of your shell running on different machines, and you need to do something differently to account for that.

getStatus ()

Returns a status code for the RPC. The built in status codes are:

 200 - Success.
 400 - Malform request received by shell.
 405 - RPC called a method that doesn't exist.
 406 - Error transmitting RPC.
 408 - Connection error.
 500 - An undefined error occured in the shell.
 510 - Error translating return document in client.
 511 - Error translating return document in shell.

isSuccess ()

Returns true if the request was successful, or false if it wasn't.

new ( result )



Result hash ref data structure generated by SSH::RPC::Client.


This package requires the following modules:



JT Smith <jt_at_plainblack_com>


  SSH::RPC::Result is Copyright 2008-2009 Plain Black Corporation
  and is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.
  http://www.plainblack.com                     info@plainblack.com