Lutz Gehlen
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SVG::Rasterize::Exception - exception classes


Version 0.003007


This module uses Exception::Class to define a set of exception classes and provides a list of short hand subroutines to throw these exceptions.

Error Messages

The following list will eventually contain all error messages produced by the SVG::Rasterize distribution.

  • ...

Subroutines offered for Import

Most of these functions will be completely useless to you. The documentation is mainly for myself. The idea behind this is that an object that wants to throw an exception needs to use as few code as possible thereby avoiding too much disturbance of a reader. Additionally, the precise phrasing of the messages can be kept at a central place.

All of the routines are supposed to be called as methods of (both are possible) either SVG::Rasterize or SVG::Rasterize::State. The reason for this is that the State object will be given to the exception object and the Rasterize object is needed to call its in_error method. However, on request this requirement could be relaxed to that the object on which the methods are called has to provide either a state or a rasterize method which then provides the respective objects.

  • ex_se_lo

    Stands for "exception settings load".

  • ex_en_ov

    Stands for "exception engine overload".

  • ex_pa

    Stands for "exception parse".

  • ex_us_si

    Stands for "exception unsupported singular".

  • ex_us_pl

    Stands for "exception unsupported plural".

  • ex_pv

    Stands for "exception Params::Validate".

  • ex_su_iw

    Stands for "exception surface invalid width".

  • ex_su_ih

    Stands for "exception surface invalid height".

  • ex_at_ro

    Stands for "exception attribute readonly".

  • ex_pm_rl

    Stands for "exception parameter relative length".

  • ex_pm_ma_nu

    Stands for "exception parameter matrix number".

  • ex_pm_mf_ne

    Stands for "exception parameter medium font-size negative".

  • ex_co_pt

    Stands for "exception context parent text".

  • ex_ho_bn_on

    Stands for "exception hook before_node odd number".

  • ie_pv

    Stands for "in error Params::Validate". Should be used if it cannot be determined where the incriminated value came from (see ie_at_pv). map_length in SVG::Rasterize::State uses this function although the value will be an attribute.

  • ie_el

    Stands for "in error element".

  • ie_at_pv

    Stands for "in error attribute Params::Validate". Should be used if it is sure that it is an attribute that failed the validation. _process_node in SVG::Rasterize::State uses this function. Probably all others should use ie_pv.

  • ie_at_vb_nw

    Stands for "in error attribute viewBox negative width".

  • ie_at_vb_nh

    Stands for "in error attribute viewBox negative height".

  • ie_at_pd

    Stands for "in error attribute path data".

  • ie_at_po

    Stands for "in error attribute points".

  • ie_at_re_nw

    Stands for "in error attribute rectangle negative width".

  • ie_at_re_nh

    Stands for "in error attribute rectangle negative height".

  • ie_at_re_nr

    Stands for "in error attribute rectangle negative (corner) radius".

  • ie_at_ci_nr

    Stands for "in error attribute circle negative radius".

  • ie_at_el_nr

    Stands for "in error attribute ellipse negative radius".

  • ie_pr_pv

    Stands for "in error property Params::Validate".

  • ie_pr_co_iv

    Stands for "in error property color invalid value".

  • ie_pr_st_nm

    Stands for "in error property stroke negative miter limit".

  • ie_pr_st_nd

    Stands for "in error property stroke negative (value in) dash array".



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