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SVN::Dump::Reader - A Subversion dump reader


    # !!! You should use SVN::Dump, not SVN::Dump::Reader !!!

    use SVN::Dump::Reader;
    my $reader = SVN::Dump::Reader->new( $fh );
    my $record = $reader->read_record();


The SVN::Dump::Reader class implements a reader object for Subversion dumps.


The following methods are available:

new( $fh, \%options )

Create a new SVN::Dump::Reader attached to the $fh filehandle.

The only supported option is check_digest, which is disabled by default.

read_record( )

Read and return a new SVN::Dump::Record object from the dump filehandle.

If the option check_digest is enabled, this method will recompute the digests for a dump without deltas, based on the information in the Text-content-md5 and Text-content-sha1 headers (if the corresponding Digest module is availabled). In case of a mismatch, the routine will die() with an exception complaining about a checksum mismatch.

read_header_block( )

Read and return a new SVN::Dump::Headers object from the dump filehandle.

read_property_block( )

Read and return a new SVN::Dump::Property object from the dump filehandle.

read_text_block( )

Read and return a new SVN::Dump::Text object from the dump filehandle.

The read_... methods will die horribly if asked to read inconsistent data from a stream.


SVN::Dump, SVN::Dump::Record, SVN::Dump::Headers, SVN::Dump::Property, SVN::Dump::Text.


Copyright 2006-2013 Philippe Bruhat (BooK), All Rights Reserved.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.