SVN::Log - Extract change logs from a Subversion server.


  use SVN::Log;

  my $revs = SVN::Log::retrieve ("svn://host/repos", 1);

  print Dumper ($revs);


SVN::Log retrieves and parses the commit logs from Subversion repositories.



If this is true SVN::Log will use the command line svn client instead of the subversion perl bindings when it needs to access the repository.



  retrieve('svn://host/repos', $start_rev, $end_rev);

Retrieve one or more log messages from a repository. If a second revision is not specified, the revision passed will be retrieved, otherwise the range of revisions from $start_rev to $end_rev will be retrieved.

One or both of $start_rev and $end_rev may be given as HEAD, meaning the most recent (youngest) revision in the repository. To retrieve all the log messages in the repository.

  retrieve('svn://host/repos', 1, 'HEAD');

To do the same thing, but retrieve the log messages in reverse order (i.e., most recent log message first):

  retrieve('svn://host/repos, 'HEAD', 1);

The revisions are returned as a reference to an array of hashes. Each hash contains the following keys:


The number of the revision.


A hashref indicating the paths modified by this revision. Each key is the name of the path modified in this revision. The value is a reference to another hash, with the following possible keys.


The activity that happened to this path. One of A, M, or D, for Added, Modified, or Deleted respectively. This key is always present.


If the action was A or M then this path may have been copied from another path in the repository. If it was then this key contains the path in the repository that the file was originally copied from.


If copyfrom_path is set then this value contains the revision that the path in copyfrom_path was copied from.


The author of the revision. May legitimately be undefined if the repository allows unauthenticated commits (e.g., over WebDAV).


The date of this revision.


The commit message from this revision.

Alternatively, you can pass retrieve() a hash containing the repository, start and end revisions, and a callback function which will be called for each revision, like this:

  retrieve ({ repository => "svn://",
              start => 1,
              end => 2,
              callback => sub { print @_; } });

The callback will be passed a reference to a hash of paths modified, the revision, the author, the date, and the message associated with the revision.

See SVN::Log::Index for the cannonical example of how to do this.




Please report any bugs or feature requests to, or through the web interface at I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.


The current maintainer is Nik Clayton, <>.

The original author was Garrett Rooney, <>. Originally extracted from from SVN::Log::Index by Richard Clamp, <>


Copyright 2005 Nik Clayton. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2004 Garrett Rooney. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2004 Richard Clamp. All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.