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Scalar::Random::PP - Scalar::Random in Pure Perl


    use Scalar::Random::PP 'randomize';

    my $random;
    my $MAX_RANDOM = 100;

    randomize( $random, $MAX_RANDOM );

    print $random, "\n"; # '42'
    print $random, "\n"; # '17'
    print $random, "\n"; # '88'
    print $random, "\n"; # '4'
    print $random, "\n"; # '50'


This module is intended to be a pure Perl replacement for Scalar::Random.

Please see Scalar::Random for full details.


This module was written as a pair programming excerise between Webster Montego and Ingy döt Net.

The module passes all the same tests as Scalar::Random, even though we felt there could be more exhaustive testing. Perhaps we'll add the tests we'd like to see, so that Alfie John can backport them. :)

We also thought it would be nice if randomize took a lower limit, but we decided not to change the API unless Alfie did so first, so that the PP module would be an exact replacement.

We used the speedy and zero-dep Mousse module for OO goodness, and packaged it all up with the lovely Module::Install and friends.




Webster Montego <>

Ingy döt Net <>


Copyright (c) 2010. Webster Montego and Ingy döt Net

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.