SelFile - a widget for choosing a file to read or write


 require 5.001;
 use Tk;
 use SelFile;

 $mw = MainWindow->new;  # For example.

 $start_dir = ".";
 $sfw = $mw->SelFile(
                     -directory => $start_dir,
                     -width     =>  30,
                     -height    =>  20,
                     -filelistlabel  => 'Files',
                     -filter         => '*',
                     -filelabel      => 'File',
                     -dirlistlabel   => 'Directories',
                     -dirlabel       => 'Filter',

 A call with fewer (or no options) such as shown below
 will result in the default values shown above.
 $sfw = $mw->SelFile;

 In a callback bound to an event the user can invoke the widget
 to request a file selection with the following line.
 ($opcode, $filename) = $sfw->show;

 $opcode will have the value 'READ', 'WRITE' or 'CANCEL'.
 $filename will be a file pathname, or in the case of CANCEL
 it will be a single space character.


   This Module pops up a Fileselector box, with a directory entry
   with filter on top, a list of directories in the current directory,
   a list of files in the current directory, an entry for entering
   or modifying a file name, a read button, a write button, and a
   cancel button.

   If your system administrator does not have time to install
   this package, you could put it into a directory such as
   $HOME/Myperl (with the name and at the top of
   any Perl script have the following

    @INC = ("$ENV{'HOME'}/Myperl", @INC);


Based on original FileSelect by Klaus Lichtenwalder,, Datapat GmbH, Munich, April 22, 1995 adapted by Frederick L. Wagner,, Texas Instruments Incorporated, Dallas, 21Jun95 further adapted by Alan Louis Scheinine,, Centro di Ricerca, Sviluppo e Studi Superiori in Sardegna (CRS4) Cagliari, 14 November 1995