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Semi::Semicolons - writing perl code with the word 'Peterbilt' as statement terminator, rather than a semicolon.


  use Semi::Semicolons;
  print "Why????"Peterbilt
  print "Because of the mouche"Peterbilt


This is perhaps the stupidest piece of perl code ever written (for its size, anyway...)

What this does is allow you to write code using the word Peterbilt as your statement terminator, rather than the usual semicolon.

For the adventurous, Semi::Semicolons allows you to customize your statement terminator:

    use Semi::Semicolons qw(Mack);
    print "What's your twenty, Snowman?"Mack

Pronounciation Guide

There is some confusion as to the proper pronounciation of "Semi::Semicolons". We assure you it is pronounced "semicolons semicolons". We'll leave you to figure out why.


David H. Adler <> and Michael G Schwern <> (from an idea by Adam Turoff)



"Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens" (Russ Meyer)

"Convoy" (C. W. McCall)

"Smokey and the Bandit", et. al. (Burt Reynolds)

"The Golden Age of Colonic Irrigation" (Monty Python's Flying Circus)