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SerealX::Store - Sereal based persistence for Perl data structures


  use SerealX::Store;

  my $st = SerealX::Store->new();
  my $data = {
    foo => 1,
    bar => 'nut',
    baz => [1, 'barf'],
    qux => { a => 1, b => 'ugh' },
    ugh => undef
  $st->store($data, "/tmp/dummy");
  my $decoded = $st->retrieve("/tmp/dummy");


This module serializes Perl data structures using Sereal::Encoder and stores them on disk for the purpose of retrieving them at a later time. At retrieval Sereal::Decoder is used to deserialize the data.

The rationale behind this module is to eventually provide a Storable like API, while using the excellent Sereal protocol for the heavy lifting.



Constructor used to instantiate the object. Optionally takes a hash reference as the frist parameter. The following options are recognised:


Options to pass to the Sereal::Encoder object constructor. Its value should be a hash reference containing any of the options that influence the behaviour of the encoder, as described by its documentation. When this is the case, the encoder object will be instantiated in the constructor, otherwise instantiation would only happen when the store method is called for the first time.


Options to pass to the Sereal::Decoder object constructor. Its format and behaviour is equivalent to the encoder option above. If its value is not a hash reference, the decoder object will only be instantiated when the retrieve method is called for the first time.


Given a Perl data structure and a path as arguments, will encode the data structure into a binary string and write it to a file at the specified path. The method will return a true value upon success or croak if no path is given or if any other errors are encountered.

  $st->store($data, "/tmp/dummy");


Given a path as argument, will retrieve the data from the file at the specified path, deserialize and return it. The method will croak upon failure.

  $st->retrieve($data, "/tmp/dummy");


Sereal, Storable


Gelu Lupaş <>


Copyright (c) 2013-2014 the SerealX::Store "AUTHOR" as listed above.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The MIT License (MIT)