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Slovo::Plugin::Prodan - Make and manage sales in your Slovo-based site


  # In slovo.conf
  load_plugins => [
      Prodan => {
        migrate  => 1,
        consents => {
          gdpr_url    => '/ѿносно/условия.bg.html',
          phone_url           => $ENV{SLOVO_PRODAN_PHONE_URL},
          delivery_prices_url => '/ѿносно/цени-доставки.bg.html',
        econt => {
          shop_id                 => $ENV{SLOVO_PRODAN_SHOP_ID},
          private_key             => $ENV{SLOVO_PRODAN_PRIVATE_KEY},
          shippment_calc_url      => '',
          crupdate_order_endpoint =>
          create_awb_endpoint =>


The word про̀дан (прода̀жба) in Bulgarian means sale. Roots are found in Old Common Slavic (Old Bulgarian) проданьѥ. Here is an exerpt from Codex Suprasliensis(331.27) where this word was witnessed: сꙑнъ божии. вол҄еѭ на сьпасьнѫѭ страсть съ вами придетъ. и на продании станетъ. искѹпѹѭштааго животворьноѭ кръвьѭ. своеѭ миръ.

Slovo::Plugin::Prodan is a Mojolicious::Plugin that extends a Slovo-based site and turns it into an online shop.


In this edition of Slovo::Plugin::Prodan we implement the following features:

A Shopping cart

A jQuery and localStorage based shopping cart. Two static files contain the implementation and they can be inflated. The files are /css/cart.css and /js/cart.js. You should inflate these files into your public forlder domove/ for the domain on which you will use it. Even not inflated these will be referred from any page of the site. The site layout layouts/site.html.ep includes automatically these two static files if this plugin is loaded.

  # Inflate new static files from Slovo::Plugin::Prodan
  bin/slovo inflate --class Slovo::Plugin::Prodan -p --path domove/xn--b1arjbl.xn--90ae/public

To add a product to your cart and make an order, you need a button, containing the product data. For example:

    <button class="primary sharer button add-to-cart"
        title="книжно издание" data-sku="9786199169001" 
        data-title="Житие на света Петка Българска от свети патриарх Евтимий"
        data-weight="0.5" data-price="7.00"><img
        <img src="/img/cart-plus-white.svg"></button>

See "A template..." below.

Delivery of sold goods

A "Pay on delivery" integration with Bulgarian currier Econt (in Bulgarian).


Products - a products SQL table to populate your pages with products. You create a page with several articles (celini) in it. These celini will be the web-pages for the products. You prepare a YAML file with products. Each product alias property must match exactly the celina alias and data_type on wich this product will be placed. See t/products.yaml and t/update_products.yaml for examples. See Slovo::Command::prodan::products on how to add and update products.

Products template for books

A template for displaying products within a celina. You can modify this template as you wish to display other types of products - not just books as it is now. See partials/_kniga.html.ep inlined in this file's __DATA__ section. It of course can be inflated using Slovo::Command::Author::inflate. The template produces the HTML from the products table, including the button mentioned above already.

  # Add the template form Prodan
  bin/slovo inflate --class Slovo::Plugin::Prodan \
    -t --path domove/xn--b1arjbl.xn--90ae/templates/themes/malka


A section in the Prodan configuration for different settings - only urls for now. $app->config('consents') may contain any settings needed for the client side of the plugin not related dierctly to integration with deliverers or payment providers.

A GDPR and cookies consent alert in the footer which upon click leads to the page (celina) where all conditions on using the site can be described. When the user clicks on the link to the Consent page a flag in localStorage is put so the alert is not shown any more. This flag disappears if the user clears any site data and the alert will appear again if the user vists the site again. The Consent celina is created automatically in the localhost domain as an example. Search for gdpr_consent in the source of this module to see how it is implemented.


    Keys        Default Values
    gdpr_url    '/ѿносно/условия.bg.html'
    ihost       punycode_decode(ed) current host

Delivery prices URL

This is just a setting for this plugin - delivery_prices_url. Defaults to '/ѿносно/цени-доставка.bg.html'. This is a place where the prices for delivery are described. The link is displayed at the bottom of the shopping cart widget. It is created automatically for localhost as the gdpr_url


Currently displayed as a link in the _footer_right.html.ep template.

TODO some day

Invoices - generate an invoice in PDF via headless LibreOffice instance on your server.
Merchants - a merchants SQL table with Open API to manage and automatically populate invoices.
Other "Pay on Delivery" providers. Feel free to contibute yours.
Other types of Payments and/or Online Payment Providers like online POS Terminals etc.


The usual method is implemented.


Prepends the class to renderer and static classes. Adds some REST API routes, configures the deliverer.


    @@ css/cart.css
    @@ js/cart.js
    @@ img/arrow-collapse-all.svg
    @@ img/cart-arrow-right.svg
    @@ img/cart.svg
    @@ img/cart-check.svg
    @@ img/cart-off.svg
    @@ img/cart-minus.svg
    @@ img/cart-plus-white.svg
    @@ img/cart-plus.svg
    @@ img/cart-remove.svg
    @@ img/econt.svg
    @@ partials/_footer_right.html.ep
    @@ partials/_consents.html.ep
    @@ partials/_kniga.html.ep
    @@ resources/data/prodan_migrations.sql


Slovo::Command::prodan::products, Slovo, "Stash and templates" in Mojolicious::Guides::Tutorial, "renderer" in Mojolicious, Mojolicious::Renderer, "Bundling assets with plugins" in Mojolicious::Guides::Rendering, Slovo::Command::Author::inflate


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