Socket::GetAddrInfo::Socket6api - Provide Socket::GetAddrInfo functions using Socket6 API


 use Socket qw( AF_UNSPEC SOCK_STREAM );
 use Socket::GetAddrInfo::Socket6api qw( getaddrinfo getnameinfo );

 my $sock;

 my @res = getaddrinfo( "", "www", AF_UNSPEC, SOCK_STREAM );

 die "Cannot resolve name - $res[0]" if @res == 1;

 while( @res >= 5 ) {
    my ( $family, $socktype, $protocol, $addr, undef ) = splice @res, 0, 5, ();

    $sock = IO::Socket->new();
    $sock->socket( $family, $socktype, $protocol ) or
      undef $sock, next;

    $sock->connect( $addr ) or undef $sock, next;


 if( $sock ) {
    my ( $host, $service ) = getnameinfo( $sock->peername );
    print "Connected to $host:$service\n" if defined $host;


Socket::GetAddrInfo provides the functions of getaddrinfo and getnameinfo using a convenient interface where hints and address structures are represented as hashes. Socket6 also provides these functions, in a form taking and returning flat lists of values.

This module wraps the functions provided by Socket::GetAddrInfo to provide them in an identical API to Socket6. It is intended to stand as a utility for existing code written for the Socket6 API to use these functions instead.


@res = getaddrinfo( $host, $service, $family, $socktype, $protocol, $flags )

This version of the API takes the hints values as separate ordered parameters. Unspecified parameters should be passed as 0.

If successful, this function returns a flat list of values, five for each returned address structure. Each group of five elements will contain, in order, the family, socktype, protocol, addr and canonname values of the address structure.

If unsuccessful, it will return a single value, containing the string error message. To remain compatible with the Socket6 interface, this value does not have the error integer part.

( $host, $service ) = getnameinfo( $addr, $flags )

This version of the API returns only the host name and service name, if successfully resolved. On error, it will return an empty list. To remain compatible with the Socket6 interface, no error information will be supplied.


Paul Evans <>