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Software::License::GPL3andArtistic2 - GPL 3 and Artistic 2.0 Dual License


version 0.07


This license is probably not needed (IANAL) and unmaintained because the Artistic 2.0 Licensed Code can be used in GPL 3 Code and even Re-Licensed as it. In this interview on Allison Randal states (full URI below)

    Two concepts were added in the Artistic 2.0: relicensing and patent protection. The relicensing section 4(c)(ii) means that projects no longer need to dual-license with the GPL, because the Artistic License itself allows redistribution of the code under the GPL (or any "copyleft" license). The patent protection language was added in response to the increased patent litigation and threats of patent litigation against open source software in the past few years.


    Artistic 2.0 is compatible with the GPL version 2 and version 3. This is an improvement over Artistic 1.0, which the FSF never considered compatible with the GPL. Artistic 2.0 code may also be redistributed under the LGPL, MPL or any pure "copyleft" license.

so this module is probably not necessary unless you know something else

interview URI for the paranoid


  use Software::License::GPL3andArtistic2;

  my $license = Software::License::GPL3andArtistic2->new({
    holder => 'Caleb Cushing',

  open (my $license_file, '>', 'LICENSE') or die $!;
  print $license_file $license->fulltext;


This package provides a Dual Licence for GPLv3 and Artistic 2.0. Written Because as of yet Software::License (and Dist::Zilla ) doesn't provide a way to multilicense


Caleb Cushing <>


This software is copyright (c) 2010 by Caleb Cushing.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.