Software::LicenseMoreUtils - More utilities and a summary for Software::License


version 1.004


 use Software::LicenseMoreUtils;

 my $lic = Software::LicenseMoreUtils->new_from_short_name({
    short_name => 'Apache-2.0',
    holder => 'X. Ample'

 # On Debian, return a license summary, returns license text elsewhere
 my $text = $lic->summary_or_text;

 # returns license full text
 my $text = $lic->text;


This module provides more utilities for Software::License:

License summary

In some distribution like Debian, all packages should come with the full text of the licenses of the package software.

To avoid many duplication of long license text, the text of the most common licenses are provided in /usr/share/common-licenses directory. Then the license text of a package need only to provide a summary of the license that refer to the location of the common license.

All summaries are provided for Debian (so for Ubuntu). Other distributions are welcome to send pull request for their license summaries.



 my $license_object = Software::LicenseMoreUtils->new_from_short_name({
      short_name => 'GPL-1',
      holder => 'X. Ample'
 }) ;

Returns a new Software::LicenseMoreUtils::LicenseWithSummary object which is a Software::License wrapped with a summary.

The new Software::License object is created from the license specified with short_name. Known short license names are GPL-*, LGPL-* , Artistic and Artistic-* Artistic and Artistic-*. If the short name is not known, this method will try to create a license object with Software::License:: and the specified short name (e.g. Software::License::MIT with short_name => 'MIT' or Software::License::Apache_2_0 with short_name => 'Apapche-2.0').


Dominique Dumont


This software is copyright (c) 2018 by Dominique Dumont.

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