IntegerLibrary - A library of generic integer manipulation functions.


  use IntegerLibrary qw(inttoroman);

  my $str = inttoroman(49); 


Functions in this library make no assumptions about the integer being modified.




No symbols exported.


inttobytes($int, $compact)

Returns $int transformed into a string displaying a byte size; $compact specifies an abbreviated units label.

inttotime($int, $compact)

Returns $int transformed into a string displaying hours, minutes, seconds; $compact specifies a HH:MM:SS format.


Returns $int transformed into a string containing its equivalent word form. Currently, 1-9 are implemented. If greater number conversions are required, consider reimplementing this function as a wrapper around Lingua::EN::Nums2Words.

inttoroman($int, $upper)

Returns $int transformed into a roman numeral string; $int must be a non-zero integer between -4000 and 4000. $upper specifies upper-case.

inttolatin($int, $upper)

Returns $int transformed into a latin alphabet string, where $int is a non-zero integer. $upper specifies upper-case.

Private Functions


Internal function for converting $int to a roman numeral string


Recursive function for converting $int to a latin alphabet string

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