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Spreadsheet::ConvertAA - Perl extension for Converting Spreadsheet column name to/from decimal


  use Spreadsheet::ConvertAA ;

  my $baseAA = ToAA(475255) ;
  my $base10 = FromAA('AAAZ') ;


This module allows you to convert from Spreadsheet column notation ('A', 'AZ', 'BC') to decimal and back.

The Spreadsheet column notation is base 26 _without_ zero. 'A' is 1 and 'AA' is 27. I named the base 'AA' because I found no better name.

Spreadsheet::ConvertAA 'confess' on invalid input.


As of version 0.04, I have replaced the implementation of ToAA and FromAA with code from Spreadsheet::Read written by H.Merijn Brand. The new code is cleaner. The new ToAA is 50% faster and the new FromAA is only slightly slower.

The new code doesn't have the limitation ConvertAA had previously.


ToAA and FromAA


Khemir Nadim ibn Hamouda. <>

  Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Nadim Ibn Hamouda el Khemir. All rights
  reserved.  This program is free software; you can redis-
  tribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl

If you find any value in this module, mail me! All hints, tips, flames and wishes are welcome at <>.


Spreadsheet::Perl. Spreadsheet::Read.