Squatting::With::AccessTrace - provide a simple access log on STDERR


  use App 'With::AccessTrace', 'On::Continuity';


Using this plugin will print an executable line of code that represents the HTTP request that just came in. This print out conveniently condenses what app, HTTP method, controller, arguments, and CGI params were involved in the request. It looks like this:

    1 [200] Example->get('Home')
    2 [200] Example->get('Home', { bar => 2, baz => 5, foo => 1 })
    3 [200] Example->get('Profile', 'beppu')
    4 [200] Example->get('Home')
    5 [302] Example->get('RubyGems')
    6 [404] Squatting->get('R404')

You also get the number of requests the current process has served and the HTTP status of the response in the first and second columns, respectively.

The code that generates this was originally in &Squatting::service, but I wanted to make it optional, so I moved it into a separate module.