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StandupGenerator::Creator - creates a new standup file for user


The Creator module contains the key method for the entire package, which allows the user to create a new standup file. The new file will appropriately increment based on the existing files within the directory, and it will be created containing data pulled from the previous day's contents, thus giving the user a decent starting place for that day's standup memo.



This method lets the user create a new standup file for a given directory. The method will return the name of the newly created file. It will also open the file in the user's default editor (e.g., TextEdit). It only takes one parameter:

  • $path -- A string containing the full file path for the directory containing standup files for the current project. It should begin with /Users/.

Assuming the standups directory contains standup files and that yesterday's standup file was s3d07.txt, then the below command will create the file s3d08.txt within the same directory and immediately open it. The new file's YESTERDAY section will contain the old file's TODAY section (since yesterday's goals for the day were presumanbly accomplished). The new file's TODAY section will also contain the old file's TODAY (since some of yesterday's goals might not have been accomplished and instead have rolled over into today). The new file's BLOCKERS section will contain the old file's BLOCKERS section (since some of yesterday's blockers may not have been overcome).

    use StandupGenerator::Creator;