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Statistics::MVA - Base module/Dependency for other modules in Statistics::MVA namespace.


This document describes Statistics::MVA version 0.0.2


This module is a base module for the other modules in the Statistics::MVA namespace (e.g. Statistics::MVA::Bartlett, Statistics::MVA::Hotelling etc.). It is not intended for direct use - though it may be used for generating covariance matrices directly.

This set of modules is still very much in development. Please let me know if you find any bugs.

The constructor accepts an array containing a series of List-of-Lists (LoL) references and returns an object of the form (modified output from Data::TreeDraw):

      |__ARRAY REFERENCE (1) [ '->[0]' ]     
      |    |  
      |    |__ARRAY REFERENCE (2) [ '->[0][0]' ]
      |    |    |  
      |    |    |__BLESSED OBJECT BELONGING TO CLASS: Math::MatrixReal (3)  [ '->[0][0][0]' ]    
      |    |    |  MatrixReal object containing covariance matrix for first LoL passed.
      |    |    |  
      |    |    |__SCALAR = '7' (3)  [ '->[0][0][1]' ]                                           
      |    |    |  p for first LoL.
      |    |    |  
      |    |    |__ARRAY REFERENCE (3) [ '->[0][0][2]' ]
      |    |       LoL of the raw data passed.
      |    |  
      |    Continues for all other LoLs refs passed.
      |__SCALAR = '3' (1)  [ '->[1]' ]                                                          
      |  k.
      |__SCALAR = '3' (1)  [ '->[2]' ]                                                       
      |  Overall p - i.e. only allows completes if all individual p´s are equal.
      |__SCALAR = '0' (1)  [ '->[3]' ]                                                          
      |  Value of standardise option.
      |__SCALAR = '1' (1)  [ '->[4]' ]                                                         
         Value of divisor option.


'Carp' => '1.08', 'Math::MatrixReal' => '2.05',


Let me know.


Daniel S. T. Hughes <>


Copyright (c) 2010, Daniel S. T. Hughes <>. All rights reserved.

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