Statistics::MVA::MultipleRegression - Simple Least Squares Linear Multiple Regression Module.


This document describes Statistics::MVA::MultipleRegression version 0.0.1


    my $lol = [
        [qw/745  36  66/],
        [qw/895  37  68/],
        [qw/442  47  64/],
        [qw/440  32  53/],
        [qw/1598 1   101/],

    use Statistics::MVA::MultipleRegression;

    # Call exported routine on List-of-List of data (each nested list - row - corresponds to a set of observations. In void-context it prints a report to STDOUT.

    # In LIST-context the routine returns an ARRAY reference of the coefficients and R^2.
    my ($Array_ref_of_coefficients, $R_sq) = linear_regression($d);


    The general purpose of multiple regression is to gain information about the relationship between several independent
    variables (x_i) and a dependent variable (y). The procedure involves fitting an equation of the form:
        y = b_o + x_1 * b_1 + x_2 * b_2 +... ... x_n * b_n

    This is a minimal implementation of least squares procedure that accepts a List-of-Lists in which each nested list
    corresponds to a single set of observations. The single exported routine returns the coefficients (b_i) and R^2.


'Carp' => '1.08', 'Statistics::MVA' => '0.0.1', 'List::Util' => '1.19', 'Math::MatrixReal' => '2.05',


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