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Storm::Aeolus - Install classes to the database


 $storm->aeolus->install_class_table( 'Person' );

 $storm->aeolus->install_junction_tables( 'Person' );

 $storm->aeolus->install_class( 'Person' );   


Aeolus is the Greek god of the winds. Storm::Aeolus can introspect your object classes and create the appropriate definitions in the database. It is important you setup a policy (see Storm::Policy) for any custom types you have created.



The Storm storm instance that Aeolus should act on.


backup_class $class, $filehandle, [\%opts]

Backup the data for an entire class and write it to the supplised fielhandle.

= item backup_class_table $class, $filehandle, [\%opts]

install_class $class

Installs the all necessary tables for storing the class by calling install_class_table and install_junction_tables on the $class.

install_class_table $class

Installs the primary data table for the $class.

install_junction_tables $class

Installs any junction tables necessary to store relationship information between objects.

install_model $class

Calls install_class for all members of the model;


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