String::JS - Utilities for Javascript string literal representation


This document describes version 0.03 of String::JS (from Perl distribution String-JS), released on 2016-03-11.


encode_js_string($str[, $mode]) => STR

Encode Perl string $str to its JavaScript literal representation using double quotes ("). This is currently implemented using JSON encoding.

If $mode is set to 1, will produce literal representation using single quotes (') instead.

If $mode is set to 2, will produce single-quoted JS string to be put inside a double-quoted JS string literal, useful for producing for example jQuery expression like:

 $("h2.contains('this is JS string inside another JS string')")

Will die on failure.

decode_js_string($js_str) => STR

Given a JavaScript string literal representation in $js_str, decode to get the value.

Currently implemented using JSON decoding of stringified $js_str.

Currently does not support JavaScript string representation that uses single quotes (').

Will die on failure.


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