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String::PerlQuote - Quote a string as Perl does


This document describes version 0.02 of String::PerlQuote (from Perl distribution String-PerlQuote), released on 2016-10-07.


double_quote($str) => STR

Quote or encode $str to the Perl double quote (") literal representation of the string. Example:

 say double_quote("a");        # => "a"     (with the quotes)
 say double_quote("a\n");      # => "a\n"
 say double_quote('"');        # => "\""
 say double_quote('$foo');     # => "\$foo"

This code is taken from quote() in Data::Dump. Maybe I didn't look more closely, but I couldn't a module that provides a function to do something like this. String::Escape, for example, provides qqbackslash but it does not escape $.

single_quote($str) => STR

Like double_quote but will produce a Perl single quote literal representation instead of the double quote ones. In single quotes, only literal backslash \ and single quote character ' are escaped, the rest are displayed as-is, so the result might span multiple lines or contain other non-printable characters.

 say single_quote("Mom's");    # => 'Mom\'s' (with the quotes)
 say single_quote("a\\");      # => 'a\\"
 say single_quote('"');        # => '"'
 say single_quote("\$foo");    # => '$foo'


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