Sub::Genius::Util - Helper module for dumping Perl code


This is implemented for use with stubby, please look at that script to see how it's used. This module is lightly documented, to say the least.


Useful for dumping a Perl code for starting a module or script that implements the subroutines that are involved in the execution of a plan.

Given a PRE, dumps a Perl script with the subroutines implied by the symbols in the PREs as subroutines. It might be most effective when called as a one liner,

This could get unweildy if you have a concurrent model in place, but anyone reviewing this POD should be able to figure out the best way to leverage plan2perl.

Each subroutine takes the approximate form,

    sub C {
      my $scope      = shift;    # execution context passed by Sub::Genius::run_once
      state $mystate = {};       # sticks around on subsequent calls
      my    $myprivs = {};       # reaped when execution is out of sub scope
      #-- begin subroutine implementation here --#
      print qq{Sub C: ELOH! Replace me, I am just placeholder!\n};
      # return $scope, which will be passed to next subroutine
      return $scope;



Implemented to support the accompanying utility used for initialing a script with Sub::Genius.


Given a PRE, dumps a Perl script that can be run without loading Sub::Genius by providing explicit calls, that also pass along a $scope variable.

    $ perl -MSub::Genius::Util -e 'print Sub::Genius::Util->plan2nodeps(plan => q{A&B&C&D&E&F&G})' >
    # does explicitly what Sub::Genius::run_once does, give a sequentialized plan
    # generated from the PRE, 'A&B&C&D&E&F&G'
    my $scope = { };
    $scope    = G($scope);
    $scope    = D($scope);
    $scope    = F($scope);
    $scope    = B($scope);
    $scope    = E($scope);
    $scope    = H($scope);
    $scope    = C($scope);
    $scope    = A($scope);


Accepts various parameters for invoking Sub::Genius's caching feature and options. Returns a necessarily initialized Sub::Genius instance. Since this uses Sub::Genius' native handling of caching, the PRE will not be repeatedly cached unless forced.




Same terms as perl itself.


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