++ed by:
Rafaël Garcia-Suarez


Sub::Identify - Retrieve names of code references


    use Sub::Identify ':all';
    my $subname = sub_name( $some_coderef );
    my $p = stash_name( $some_coderef );
    my $fully_qualified_name = sub_fullname( $some_coderef );
    defined $subname
        and print "this coderef points to sub $subname in package $p\n";


Sub::Identify allows you to retrieve the real name of code references. For this, it uses perl's introspection mechanism, provided by the B module.

It provides four functions : sub_name returns the name of the subroutine (or __ANON__ if it's an anonymous code reference), stash_name returns its package, and sub_fullname returns the concatenation of the two.

The fourth function, get_code_info, returns a list of two elements, the package and the subroutine name (in case of you want both and are worried by the speed.)

In case of subroutine aliasing, those functions always return the original name.


(c) Rafael Garcia-Suarez (rgarciasuarez at gmail dot com) 2005, 2008

This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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