Sawyer X
and 2 contributors


Sys::HostIP - Try extra hard to get IP address related info


    use Sys::HostIP;

    my $hostip     = Sys::HostIP->new;
    my $ips        = $hostip->ips;
    my $interfaces = $hostip->interfaces;


Sys::HostIP does what it can to determine the ip address of your machine. All 3 methods work fine on every system that I've been able to test on. (Irix, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, Linux, OSX, Win32, Cygwin). It does this by parsing ifconfig(8) (ipconfig on Win32/Cygwin) output.

It has an object oriented interface and a functional one for compatibility with older versions.



    my $hostip = Sys::HostIP->new( ifconfig => '/path/to/your/ifconfig' );

You can set the location of ifconfig with this attribute if the code doesn't know where your ifconfig lives.

If you use the object oriented interface, this value is cached.


The interface information. This is either created on new, or you can create it yourself at initialize.

    # get the cached if_info
    my $if_info = $hostip->if_info;

    # create custom one at initialize
    my $hostip = Sys::HostIP->new( if_info => {...} );



    my $ip = $hostip->ip;

Returns a scalar containing a best guess of your host machine's IP address. On *nix (Unix, BSD, GNU/Linux, OSX, etc.) systems, it will return the loopback interface ( if it can't find anything else.


    my $all_ips = $hostip->ips;
    foreach my $ip ( @{$all_ips} ) {
        print "IP: $ip\n";

Returns an array ref containing all the IP addresses of your machine.


    my $interfaces = $hostip->interfaces;

    foreach my $interface ( keys %{$interfaces} ) {
        my $ip = $interfaces->{$interface};
        print "$interface => $ip\n";

Returns a hash ref containing all pairs of interfaces and their corresponding IP addresses Sys::HostIP could find on your machine.


Nothing by default!

To export something explicitly, use the syntax: Nothing.

    use HostIP qw/ip ips interfaces/;
    # that will get you those three subroutines, for example

All of these subroutines will match the object oriented interface methods.

  • ip

        my $ip = ip();
  • ips

        my $ips = ips();
  • interfaces

        my $interfaces = interfaces();


Originally written by Jonathan Schatz <>.

Currently maintained by Paul Cochrane <> and Sawyer X <>.


I haven't tested the win32 code with dialup or wireless connections.

Machines with output in some languages other than English fail. Neverthless, the code has been shown to work in German, Swedish, French, Italian, and Finnish locales.


Copyright (C) prior to 2010, Jonathan Schatz <>.

Copyright (C) 2010-2018, Sawyer X <>.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


  • ifconfig(8)

  • ipconfig