Tags::HTML::Page::Begin - Tags helper for HTML page begin.


 use Tags::HTML::Page::Begin;

 my $obj = Tags::HTML::Page::Begin->new(%params);



 my $obj = Tags::HTML::Page::Begin->new(%params);


  • application-name

    Application name.

    Default name is undef.

  • author

    Author name.

    Default value is undef.

  • base_href

    Base link (<base href="" />.

    Default value is undef.

  • base_target

    Base target. It's used in if 'base_href' parameter exists.

    Default value is undef.

  • css

    'CSS::Struct::Output' object for process_css processing.

    Default value is undef.

  • css_init

    Initialization of CSS.

    Default value is:

     * {
             box-sizing: border-box;
             margin: 0;
             padding: 0;

    CSS is handled by _process_css() method in this module, which is abstract method of Tags::HTML.

  • css_src

    List of CSS link structures.

     Structure is something like:
       'link' => '/foo.css',
       'media' => 'screen',

    Default value is [].

  • charset

    Document character set.

    Parameter is required.

    Default value is 'UTF-8'.

  • description

    Document description.

    Default value is undef.

  • doctype

    Document doctype string.

    Default value is '<!DOCTYPE html>'.

  • favicon

    Favorite icon image link. Supported images are 'ICO', 'PNG', 'GIF', 'SVG' and 'JPG' files.

    Default value is undef.

  • generator

    Generator value.

    Default value is 'Perl module: Tags::HTML::Page::Begin, Version: __MODULE_VERSION__'.

  • html_lang

    HTML element lang attribute. Creates html element in form: <html lang="en">

    Default value is 'en'.

  • http_equiv_content_type

    http-equiv content-type meta element. If defined creates meta in form: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" /> Unless defined creates meta in form: <meta charset="UTF-8" />

    Defaut value is 'text/html'.

  • keywords

    Document keywords.

    Default value is undef.

  • lang

    Hash with language information for output. Keys are: 'title'.

    Default value is reference to hash with these value: 'title' => 'Page title'

  • refresh

    Page refresh time in seconds.

    Default value is undef.

  • robots

    Robots meta.

    Default value is undef.

  • rss

    RSS link.

    Default value is undef.

  • script_js

    List of JavaScript scripts.

    Default value is reference to blank array.

  • script_js_src

    List of JavaScript links.

    Default value is reference to blank array.

  • tags

    'Tags::Output' object.

    It's required.

    Default value is undef.

  • viewport

    Document viewport.

    It's optional.

    Default value is 'width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0'.



Process Tags structure for output.

Returns undef.


         Parameter 'css' must be a 'CSS::Struct::Output::*' class.
         Parameter 'css_src' must be a array.
         Parameter 'css_src' must be a array of hash structures.
         Parameter 'css_src' must be a array of hash structures with 'media' and 'link' keys.
         Parameter 'charset' is required.
         Parameter 'script_js' must be a array.
         Parameter 'script_js_src' must be a array.
         Parameter 'tags' must be a 'Tags::Output::*' class.
         From Class::Utils::set_params():
                 Unknown parameter '%s'.


 use strict;
 use warnings;

 use CSS::Struct::Output::Indent;
 use Tags::HTML::Page::Begin;
 use Tags::HTML::Page::End;
 use Tags::Output::Indent;

 # Object.
 my $tags = Tags::Output::Indent->new(
         'preserved' => ['style'],
         'xml' => 1,
 my $css = CSS::Struct::Output::Indent->new;
 my $begin = Tags::HTML::Page::Begin->new(
         'css' => $css,
         'tags' => $tags,
 my $end = Tags::HTML::Page::End->new(
         'tags' => $tags,

 # Process page
        ['s', 'div'],
        ['d', 'color', 'red'],
        ['d', 'background-color', 'black'],
        ['b', 'div'],
        ['d', 'Hello world!'],
        ['e', 'div'],

 # Print out.
 print $tags->flush;

 # Output like:
 # <!DOCTYPE html>
 # <html lang="en">
 #   <head>
 #     <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
 #     <meta name="generator" content=
 #       "Perl module: Tags::HTML::Page::Begin, Version: 0.16" />
 #     <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />
 #     <title>
 #       Page title
 #     </title>
 #     <style type="text/css">
 # * {
 #         box-sizing: border-box;
 #         margin: 0;
 #         padding: 0;
 # }
 # div {
 #         color: red;
 #         background-color: black;
 # }
 # </style>
 #   </head>
 #   <body>
 #     <div>
 #       Hello world!
 #     </div>
 #   </body>
 # </html>


Class::Utils, Error::Pure, List::MoreUtils, Readonly, Tags::HTML.



Tags helper for HTML page end.



Michal Josef Špaček


© Michal Josef Špaček 2020-2023

BSD 2-Clause License