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Task::RecycleTrash - Check/install the dependencies for File::Remove::trash


The trash function was added to File::Remove to provide access to various operating system's native "holding area" for deleted files.

On Mac OS X this is known as the "trash" bin, on Windows this is known as the "recycle" bin.

Unfortunately, the dependencies needed to interact with this functionality can be quite difficult in several cases, most notably on Mac OS X where the Mac::Glue (and thus Mac::Carbon) module is needed.

This created the rediculous situation in which a Mac OS X machine would need to install and (audibly) test a voice synthesis engine in order to add the capability to reliably delete a file.

To resolve this problem, the "trash" functionality in File::Remove will ultimately be moved to a seperate distribution, but in the short term the dependencies for the trash function will simply not be declared.

Task::RecycleTrash provides a replacement dependency for people that genuinely do need to use the trash function in File::Remove.

It will install the dependencies needed on each platform, and then run some simple tests to ensure that the trash function is working as intended.


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Copyright 2007 Adam Kennedy.

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