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Task::Test::Run::AllPlugins - Specifications for installing all the Test::Run Plugins


Test::Run is an improved harness for running test files based on the "Test Anything Protocol" (TAP - ), which is commonly used for writing tests for Perl code, but is otherwise universal.

Installing this Task should get you up-to-speed with Test::Run by installing all the plugins that are available for it.


From the CPAN or CPANPLUS shell type:

    install Task::Test::Run::AllPlugins

And follow all the depenedencies.

Afterwards, set the environment variable HARNESS_PLUGINS to the following:

    export HARNESS_PLUGINS="ColorSummary ColorFileVerdicts"

Or if you wish to use the Alternate Interpreters plugin as well to:

    export HARNESS_PLUGINS="ColorSummary ColorFileVerdicts AlternateInterpreters"

Then you can use runprove to run and analyze TAP scripts (like CPAN modules t/*.t files) from the command line:

    runprove t/*.t

If you have written a plugin and wish it to be included in this task, don't hesitate to contact me: .


Shlomi Fish, .


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc Task::Test::Run::AllPlugins

You can also look for information at:



Task, Test::Run::Obj, Test::Run::Core, Test::Run::CmdLine.

The documentation of the appropriate plugins.


Copyright 2006 Shlomi Fish, all rights reserved.

This program is released under the following license: MIT.