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Tcl::pTk::Tile - Tile/ttk Widget Support for Tcl::pTk


        # Get a list of defined Tile Themes
        my @themes = $widget->ttkThemes;
        # Set a Tile Theme
        # Create a Tile/ttk widget
        my $check->ttkCheckbutton(-text => 'Enabled', -variable => \$enabled);
        # Check some of the ttk style settings
        my $font = $widget->ttkStyleLookup($style, -font);


Tcl::pTk::Tile provides some helper methods and mappings for Tile/ttk support in the Tcl::pTk package. Tile/ttk are the new themed widget set that is present in Tcl/Tk 8.5 and above, and available for Tcl/Tk 8.4 in the Tile package.

This package is auto-loaded and the tile widgets declared if Tk 8.5 is being used by Tcl::pTk, or if the Tile package for Tk 8.4 is installed.

Style method mapping

The Tcl/Tk ttk::style command has be mapped to ttkStyle widget methods in Tcl::pTk. The following table defines this mapping:

 Tcl Usage                                  Equivalent Tcl::pTk Usage                               
 ------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------
 ttk::style configure $style -option $value $widget->ttkStyleConfigure($style, -option, $value)     
 ttk::style map $style -option ...          $widget->ttkStyleMap( $style, -option, ...)               
 ttk::style lookup $style -font             $widget->ttkStyleLookup( $style, -font)                 
 ttk::style layout $style ...               $widget->ttkStyleLayout( $style, ...)                   
 ttk::style element create $elementname ..  $widget->ttkStyleElementCreate($elementname, $type, ..)
 ttk::style element names                   $widget->ttkStyleElementNames()                         
 ttk::style element options $element        $widget->ttkStyleElementOptions($element)               
 ttk::style theme create ...                $widget->ttkThemeCreate( ... )                             
 ttk::style theme settings ...              $widget->ttkThemeSettings(...)                            
 ttk::style theme names                     $widget->ttkThemeNames                                  
 ttk::style theme use $themename            $widget->ttkThemeUse($themename)  



Set a Tile Theme




Get a list of Tile/ttk theme names


        my @themes $widget->ttkThemes;


Internal sub to declare the tile widgets. This is called when a mainwindow is created, if we are using Tcl/Tk 8.5 or higher, or the Tile package for Tcl/Tk 8.4 is present.


        where $interp is the Tcl interp object


Internal method called at startup to provide mapping to the Tile methods. See the docs above on how mapping is done.


        Tcl::pTk::Tile->_setupMapping($package, @mappingSpecs);