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Telegram::Bot - A base class to make your very own Telegram bot


version 0.021


NOTE: This API should not yet be considered stable.

Creating a bot is easy:

    package MyBot;

    use Mojo::Base 'Telegram::Bot::Brain';

    has token => 'YOURTOKENHERE';

    # send a polite reply, to either a group or a single user,
    # depending on where we were addressed from
    sub _be_polite {
      my ($self, $msg) = @_;

      return unless $msg->text =~ /hello/;

      # is this a 1-on-1 ?
      if ($msg->chat->is_user) {
        $msg->reply("hello there");

        # send them a picture as well
        $self->sendPhoto({chat_id => $msg->chat->id, photo => $image_filename});
      # group chat
      else {
        $msg->reply("hello to everyone!");

    # setup our bot
    sub init {
      my $self = shift;


Now just:

    perl -MMyBot -E 'MyBot->new->think'

and you've got yourself a stew, baby! Or a bot, anyway.

Note that for the bot to see messages that do not start with a leading '/', you will need to use the '/setprivacy' command on Telegram's @botfather interface to change the privacy settings.


This distribution's ex/ directory contains some complete examples that may be instructive to look at.


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