Template::Plugin::DataPrinter - Template Toolkit dumper plugin using Data::Printer


version 0.013


    [% USE DataPrinter %]

    [% DataPrinter.dump(variable) %]
    [% DataPrinter.dump_html(variable) %]


This is a dumper plugin for Template::Toolkit which uses Data::Printer instead of Data::Dumper.

Data::Printer is a colorised pretty-printer with nicely human-readable object output.


The provided methods match those of Template::Plugin::Dumper.


Generates an ansi-colorised dump of the data structures passed.

    [% USE DataPrinter %]
    [% DataPrinter.dump(myvar) %]
    [% DataPrinter.dump(myvar, yourvar) %]


Generates a html-formatted dump of the data structures passed. The ansi colorisation is converted to html by HTML::FromANSI::Tiny.

    [% USE DataPrinter %]
    [% DataPrinter.dump_html(myvar) %]
    [% DataPrinter.dump_html(myvar, yourvar) %]


This plugin has no configuration of its own, but the underlying Data::Printer and HTML::FromANSI::Tiny modules can be configured using the dp and hfat parameters.

    [% USE DataPrinter(dp = { ... }, hfat = { ... }) %]

A hashref containing the params to be passed to Data::Printer::import.

See the Data::Printer documentation for more information.


A hashref containing the params to be passed to HTML::FromANSI::Tiny->new.

See the HTML::FromANSI::Tiny documentation for more information.

Disabling colorisation

Colorisation is turned on by default. To turn it off, use Data::Printer's colored parameter:

    [% USE DataPrinter(dp = { colored = 0 }) %]

Using as a drop-in replacement for Template::Plugin::Dumper

This module can be used more-or-less as a drop-in replacement for the default Dumper plugin by specifying an explicit plugin mapping to the Template constructor:

    my $template = Template->new(...,
            PLUGINS => {
                Dumper => 'Template::Plugin::DataPrinter',

Then existing templates such as the one below will automatically use the DataPrinter plugin instead.

    [% USE Dumper(Indent=0, Pad="<br>") %]

    [% Dumper.dump(variable) %]
    [% Dumper.dump_html(variable) %]

Any unrecognised constructor parameters are silently ignored, so the Indent and Pad parameters above will have no effect.

Using a custom .dataprinter file

A custom Data::Printer configuration file can be specified like so:

    [% USE DataPrinter(dp = { rc_file = '/path/to/my/rcfile.conf' }) %]

Beware that setting colored = 0 in your .dataprinter file will not work. This must be specified in the USE DataPrinter code.

    [% USE DataPrinter(dp = { rc_file = '...', colored = 0 }) %]


Setting colored = 0 in the .dataprinter file will not work. The colored = 0 setting must appear in the USE DataPrinter line.



Stephen Thirlwall <>


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by Stephen Thirlwall.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.