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Template::Plugin::Dumpvar - Dump template data in the same style as the debugger


  [% USE Dumpvar %]
  [% Dumpvar.dump(this) %]
  [% Dumpvar.dump_html(theother) %]


When dumping data in templates, the obvious first choice is to use the Data::Dumper plugin Template::Plugin::Dumper. But personally, I think the layout is ugly and hard to read. It's designed to be parsed back in by perl, not to necesarily be easy on the eye.

The dump style used in the debugger, however, IS designed to be easier on the eye. The script it uses to do this has been cloned for general use as Devel::Dumpvar. This module is a drop in replacement for Template::Plugin::Dumper that uses Devel::Dumpvar in place of Data::Dumper.

The only difference is that this module only dumps one scalar, reference, or object at a time.


dump $something

Dumps a single structure via Devel::Dumpvar. Does not escape for HTML.

dump_html $something

As above, but also escapes and formats for HTML


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