Template::Plugin::DeJSON - de-JSONify a JSON string


    USE deJSON;
    hash = deJSON.deJSON(json_string);
    FOREACH field=hash;
      field; field.value;


Well, I needed this. I had JSON string things flying around between servers, and passed into templates. (If you must know, objects were stringified using JSON, and bit-shifted around the world.) It seemed to me I needed a plugin to take those strings and turn them into something a bit more useful.

So it takes a JSON string, and gives you back a hash. Or me. It gives it back to me. YMMV.

It also copes with JSON strings within JSON strings, returning a nice data structure where the values themselves might be hashes. This is good. It means keys don't get overwritten. Again, it works on my machine for what I want it to do. YMM(again)V.



It doesn't cope if you have curly braces in your strings. The next version will cope with that, honest.

I tried using Text::Balanced, but it didn't do what I wanted, so I rolled my own. Yes, I know there are better ways to do it, but I wrote it without access to the interwebs to find out how to better solve this solved problem. Leave me alone, alright?


Stray Taoist <>


Copyright (c) 2007 StrayTaoist

This module is free software; you can redistribute it or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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