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Test::Able::Role -The Test::Able Role


 package MyTest::SomeRole;

 use Test::Able::Role;

 test some_test => sub {};


This is the Test::Able Role. It is an extension of Moose::Role in the same way as Test::Able is an extension of Moose for the purpose of handling test-related methods.


In addition to exporting for Moose::Role, Test::Able::Role will export a handful of functions that can be used to declare test-related methods. These functions are the same functions that Test::Able exports.


A more Moose-like way to do method declaration. The syntax is similar to "has" in Moose except its for test-related methods.

These start with one of startup/setup/test/teardown/shutdown depending on what type of method you are defining. Then comes any attribute name/value pairs to set in the Test::Able::Role::Meta::Method-based mehod metaclass object. The last pair must always be the method name and the coderef. This is to disambiguate between the method name/code pair and any another attribute in the method metaclass that happens to take a coderef. See the synopsis or the tests for examples.


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Copyright 2009 by Justin DeVuyst.

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