Test::Inline::Script - Generate the test file for a single source file


version 2.214


This class is where the heavy lifting happens to actually generating a test file takes place. Given a source filename, this modules will load it, parse out the relavent bits, put them into order based on the tags, and then merge them into a test file.



  my $File = Test::Inline::Script->new( $class, \@sections, $check_count );

The new constructor takes a class name, set of Section objects and an optional check_count flag.

Returns a Test::Inline::Script object on success. Returns undef on error.


Returns the class that the test file will test


  my $filename = $File->filename;

The filename method returns the name of the output file that the tests should be written to. For example, the class Foo::Bar would have the filename value foo_bar.t.


  my $config = $File->config;

The config method returns the config object for the file, assuming that it has one. If more than one are found, the first will be used, and any additional config sections discarded.

Returns a Test::Inline::Config object on success, or false if the file does not contain a config section.


  my @setup = $File->setup;

The setup method returns the setup sections from the file, in the same order as in the file.

Returns a list of setup Test::Inline::Section objects, the null array () if the file does not contain any setup objects.


  my @sections = $File->sections;

The sections method returns all normal sections from the file, in the same order as in the file. This may not be the order they will be written to the test file, for that you should see the sorted method.

Returns a list of Test::Inline::Section objects, or the null array () if the file does not contain any non-setup sections.


The sorted method returns all normal sections from the file, in an order that satisfies any dependencies in the sections.

Returns a reference to an array of Test::Inline::Section objects, 0 if the file does not contain any non-setup sections, or undef on error.


If the number of tests for all of the sections within the file are known, then the number of tests for the entire file can also be determined.

The tests method determines if the number of tests can be known, and if so, calculates and returns the number of tests. Returns false if the number of tests is not known.


The merged_content method generates and returns the merged contents of all the sections in the file, including the setup sections at the beginning. The method does not return the entire file, merely the part contained in the sections. For the full file contents, see the file_content method.

Returns a string containing the merged section content on success, false if there is no content, despite the existance of sections ( which would have been empty ), or undef on error.


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This software is copyright (c) 2003 by Adam Kennedy.

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