Test::Log::Dispatch -- Test what you are logging


    use Test::More;
    use Test::Log::Dispatch;

    my $log = Test::Log::Dispatch->new();

    # ...
    # call something that logs to $log
    # ...

    # now test to make sure you logged the right things

    $log->contains_ok(qr/good log message/, "good message was logged");
    $log->does_not_contain_ok(qr/unexpected log message/, "unexpected message was not logged");
    $log->empty_ok("no more logs");

    # or

    my $msgs = $log->msgs;
    cmp_deeply($msgs, ['msg1', 'msg2', 'msg3']);


Test::Log::Dispatch is a Log::Dispatch object that keeps track of everything logged to it in memory, and provides convenient tests against what has been logged.


The constructor returns a Test::Log::Dispatch object, which inherits from Log::Dispatch and contains a single Log::Dispatch::Array output at 'debug' level.

The constructor requires no parameters. Any parameters will be forwarded to the Log::Dispatch::Array constructor. For example, you can pass a min_level to override the default 'debug'.


The test_name is optional in the *_ok methods; a reasonable default will be provided.

contains_ok ($regex[, $test_name])

Tests that a message in the log buffer matches $regex. On success, the message is removed from the log buffer (but any other matches are left untouched).

does_not_contain_ok ($regex[, $test_name])

Tests that no message in the log buffer matches $regex.

empty_ok ([$test_name])

Tests that there is no log buffer left. On failure, the log buffer is cleared to limit further cascading failures.

contains_only_ok ($regex[, $test_name])

Tests that there is a single message in the log buffer and it matches $regex. On success, the message is removed.

clear ()

Clears the log buffer.

msgs ()

Returns the current contents of the log buffer as an array reference, where each element is a hash containing a message and level key.


  • Allow testing of log levels.


Log::Dispatch, Test::Log4perl


Jonathan Swartz


Copyright (C) 2009 Jonathan Swartz, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.