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Test::Needs - Skip tests when modules not available


  # need one module
  use Test::Needs 'Some::Module';

  # need multiple modules
  use Test::Needs 'Some::Module', 'Some::Other::Module';

  # need a given version of a module
  use Test::Needs {
    'Some::Module' => '1.005',

  # check later
  use Test::Needs;
  test_needs 'Some::Module';

  # skips remainder of subtest
  use Test::More;
  use Test::Needs;
  subtest 'my subtest' => sub {
    test_needs 'Some::Module';

  # check perl version
  use Test::Needs { perl => 5.020 };


Skip test scripts if modules are not available. The requested modules will be loaded, and optionally have their versions checked. If the module is missing, the test script will be skipped. Modules that are found but fail to compile will exit with an error rather than skip.

If used in a subtest, the remainder of the subtest will be skipped.

Skipping will work even if some tests have already been run, or if a plan has been declared.

Versions are checked via a $module->VERSION($wanted_version) call. Versions must be provided in a format that will be accepted. No extra processing is done on them.

If perl is used as a module, the version is checked against the running perl version ($]). The version can be specified as a number, dotted-decimal string, v-string, or version object.

If the RELEASE_TESTING environment variable is set, the tests will fail rather than skip. Subtests will be aborted, but the test script will continue running after that point.



Has the same interface as when using Test::Needs in a use.



A similar module, with some important differences. Test::Requires will act as a use statement (despite its name), calling the import sub. Under RELEASE_TESTING, it will BAIL_OUT if a module fails to load rather than using a normal test fail. It also doesn't distinguish between missing modules and broken modules.


Part of the Test2 ecosystem. Only supports running as a use command to skip an entire plan.


Part of the Test2 ecosystem. Only supports running as a use command to skip an entire plan. Checks perl versions.


Acts as a use statement. Only supports running as a use command to skip an entire plan. Can skip based on subref results.


haarg - Graham Knop (cpan:HAARG) <>


None so far.


Copyright (c) 2016 the Test::Needs "AUTHORS" and "CONTRIBUTORS" as listed above.

This library is free software and may be distributed under the same terms as perl itself. See