Test::Reporter::HTTPGateway - relay CPAN Testers reports received via HTTP


The CPAN Testers report submission system is difficult for some clients to use, because it is not available via HTTP, which is often one of the only protocols allowed through firewalls.

Test::Reporter::HTTPGateway is a very simple HTTP request handler that relays HTTP requests to the CPAN Testers.




The mailer method returns the Email::Send mailer to use. If no TEST_REPORTER_HTTPGATEWAY_MAILER environment variable is set, it falls back to the result of the default_mailer method, which defaults to SMTP.



These act like the mailer methods, above. The default destination is the cpan-testers address.


  if ($gateway->key_allowed($key)) { ... }

This method returns true if the user key given in the HTTP request is acceptable for posting a report.

Users wishing to operate a secure gateway should override this method.


This method handles a request to post a report. It may be handed a CGI request, and will instantiate a new one if none is given.

The request is expected to be a POST request with the following form values:

  from    - the email address of the user filing the report
  key     - the user key of the user filing the report
  subject - the subject of the report (generated by Test::Reporter)
  via     - the generator of the test report
  report  - the content of the report itself (the "comments")

In general, these reports will be filed by Test::Reporter or CPAN::Reporter.


This method returns the name to be used when identifying relay. By default it returns the relay's class.


This distribution was written by Ricardo Signes, <>.

Copyright 2008. This is free software, released under the same terms as perl itself.