Test::Retry - Retry test functions on failure


  use Test::Retry;

  # Retries for 5 times with 0.5 secs delay each
  retry_test {
      is func_with_some_random_lag(), $expected;

  # or override existing test functions

  BEGIN { Test::Retry->override('is') }

  is { func_with_some_random_lag(), $expected };


Test::Retry provides feature to retry code until a test succeeds (with retry limits).

Useful for tests which involves I/O and requires some wait to pass, for example.


Test::Retry exports one function, namely retry_test.

Options below are available when you use this module:

max => $n

The maximum count of retries. Affects the exported retry_test function.

Defaults to $Test::Retry::MAX_RETRIES = 5.

delay => $floating_secs

The floating seconds after which the next block execution is tried after a failed test. Affects the exported retry_test function.

Defaults to $Test::Retry::RETRY_DELAY = 0.5.

override => \@function_names

Calls override (see below) at the timing of import.


retry_test { ... }

Makes the given block of code re-run if a test inside it is going to fail. Retry limit and interval are configurable by importing arguments (see above).

If the test continues to fail and retry count hits the limit, the test really fails.


Overrides the existing test functions in caller package by retrying version of them.

Should be called in BEGIN block for prototyping issues.

Arguments must be passed by a coderef that returns arguments passed to the test function.

For example,

  like $io->get(), qr/blahblah/, 'blah';


  BEGIN { Test::Retry->override('like') }
  like { $io->get(), qr/blahblah/, 'blah' };

Pretty, heh?


motemen <>


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.