Test::Run::Base - base class for all of Test::Run.


This is the base class for all Test::Run classes. It inherits from Class::Accessor and provides some goodies of its own.



The default constructor. Do not over-ride it. Instead, define a BUILD() method.

$dest->copy_from($source, [@fields])

Assigns the fields @fields using their accessors based on their values in $source.

$self->accum_array({ method => $method_name })

This is a more simplistic version of the :CUMULATIVE functionality in Class::Std. It was done to make sure that one can collect all the members of array refs out of methods defined in each class into one big array ref, that can later be used.


Runs the sequence of commands specified using _calc__${calling_sub}__callbacks while passing @params to each one. Generates a list of all the callbacks return values.


This file is licensed under the MIT X11 License: