Test::Smoke::Mailer - Factory for objects to send the report.


    use Test::Smoke::Mailer;

    my %args = ( mhowto => 'smtp', mserver => 'smtp.your.domain' );
    my $mailer = Test::Smoke::Mailer->new( $ddir, %args );

    $mailer->mail or die "Problem in mailing: " . $mailer->error;


This little wrapper still allows you to use the sendmail, sendemail, mail or mailx programs, but prefers to use the Mail::Sendmail module (which comes with this distribution) to send the reports.


Test::Smoke::Mailer->new( $mailer[, %args] )

Can we provide sensible defaults for the mail stuff?

    mhowto  => [Module::Name|sendmail|mail|mailx|sendemail]
    mserver => an SMTP server || localhost
    mbin    => the full path to the mail binary
    mto     => list of addresses (comma separated!)
    mfrom   => single address
    mcc     => list of addresses (coma separated!)

Test::Smoke::Mailer->config( $key[, $value] )

config() is an interface to the package lexical %CONFIG, which holds all the default values for the new() arguments.

With the special key all_defaults this returns a reference to a hash holding all the default values.


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