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Test::System::Helper - Helper for the Test::System


The purpose of this module is to provide the easiness of getting the list of nodes you want to test (if that is the case) and as well to let you fetch the value of the params you specified in your Test::System instance.


get_nodes( )

Returns as an array the nodes you specified via Test::System. It basically joins splits by CSV the TEST_SYSTEM_NODES environment variable value and returns it.

get_param( $key )

Returns the parameter value of the given key.

The key name is the same key passed to the Test::System, not the environment variable that is set by Test::System.

It returns the parameter by checking the environment variable that stores its value. The name of the environments variables can be explained in the Test::System module, however a quick example will be:

    use Test::System::Helper;

    my $value = get_param('foo').

    # It will returns the value of: TEST_SYSTEM_FOO

Please note that since the values come from the environment the only type of data that will be returned will be scalar unless the key is not found then undef will be returned.


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Copyright (C) 2009 by Pablo Fischer

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.