Test::Wrapper - Use Test::* tests outside of a TAP context


version 0.3.0


    use Test::Wrapper;
    use Test::More;

    test_wrap( 'like' );

    # doesn't output anything
    my $test = like 'foo' => qr/bar/;

    unless ( $test->is_success ) {
        print "test failed, diag output is: ", $test->diag;


This module for the occasions where a Test::* test would be perfect for what you want to do, but the module doesn't provide an helper function that doesn't produce TAP.

Test::Wrapper exports a single function, test_wrap, in the calling package, which wraps the desired testing functions. After being wrapped, the test functions will not emit TAP anymore, but rather return a Test::Wrapper object.

It must be noted that Test::Wrapper only works with test modules inheriting from Test::Builder::Module.

Finally, Test::Wrapper will not mess up the Test::Builder, which means that if you really want, you can use it within a test file. For example, this would work:

    use strict;
    use warnings;

    use Test::More tests => 1;

    use Test::Differences;
    use Test::Wrapper;

    test_wrap( 'eq_or_diff' );

    my $test = eq_or_diff "foo", "bar";

    ok $test, "eq_or_diff passed" or diag $test->diag;


test_wrap( $test | \@tests, %params )

Wraps the given test or tests such that, when invoked, they will not emit TAP output but return a Test::Wrapper object.

The parameters the function accepts are:


If defined, a wrapped function named '$prefix_<original_name>' will be created, and the original test function will be left alone.

    use Test::More;
    use Test::Wrapper;

    test_wrap( 'like', prefix => 'wrapped_' );

    like "foo" => qr/bar/;   # will emit TAP

                             # will not emit TAP
    my $test = wrapped_like( "yadah" => qw/ya/ );

Note that since the wrapped function will be created post-compile time, its prototype will not be effective, so parenthesis have to be used.

    test_wrap( 'is' );
    test_wrap( 'like', prefix => 'wrapped' );

        # prototype of the original function makes
        # it magically work
    my $t1 = is $foo => $bar; 

        # this, alas, will break
    my $t2 = like $foo => qr/$baz/;

        # ... so you have to do this instead
    my $t2 = like( $foo => qr/$baz/ );



Diagnostic message of the test. Will be empty if the test passed. The leading '#' of each line of the raw TAP output are stripped down.


Is true if the test passed, false otherwise.


TODO message of the test.


TAP result of the test '(ok 1 - yadah').


Name of the wrapped test.


The list of arguments passed to the test.


Boolean context

In a boolean context, the object will returns the value given by its is_success attribute.

    test_wrap( 'like' );

    my $test = like $foo => $bar;

    if ( $test ) {


If stringified, the object will return the content of its diag attribute.

    print $test unless $test;

    # equivalent to 
    unless ( $test->is_success ) {
        print $test->diag;


Yanick Champoux <>


This software is copyright (c) 2010 by Yanick Champoux.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.