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The module is used internally by Text::Amuse, so everything here is pretty much internal only (and underdocumented). The useful stuff is accessible via the Text::Amuse class.


new(file => $filename)


Return the filename of the processed file


Return the list of the filenames of the attached files, as linked. With an optional argument, store that file in the list.


Returns the raw input lines as a list, reading from the filename if it's the first time we call it. Tabs, \r and trailing whitespace are cleaned up.


Accessor to the raw header of the muse file. The header is returned as hash, with key/value pairs. Please note: NOT an hashref.


Accessor to the raw body of the muse file. The body is returned as a list of lines.

parsed_body (internal, but documented)

Accessor to the list of parsed lines. Each line will come as a Text::Amuse::Element object

The first block is guaranteed to be a null block


Return the list of the elements which compose the body, once they have properly parsed and packed. Nulls and footnotes are removed. (To get the footnotes use the accessor below).


Accessor to the internal footnotes hash. You can access the footnote with a numerical argument or even with a string like [123]

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