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Text::Cadenceparser - Perl module to parse Cadence synthesis tool logfiles


version 1.12


my $parser = Text::Cadenceparser->new(folder => './REPORTS');

my $nr_warnings = $parser->count('warnings');

my $warnings = $parser->get('warnings');

$parser->overview(); # Prints a global report of the parsing results

$parser->list('error'); # Prints the errors to STDOUT


Module to parse and filter Cadence synthesis tool reports. The idea is to present the user with a short and comprehensible overview of the synthesis results.

The module supports two ways of working: either you pass the 'folder' parameter, in which case all files in that folder will be searched for basic synthesis status reporting.

The other way of working is that you pass an area and/or power report file as parameter. The module then supports generating a compact overview of the results sorted based on a key and a threshold.

As an example, consider a design that has been simulated for power results. Pass the are and power report files as parameter, and select as key 'active' and threshold '5'. The report will list all first-level design units that contribute to the active power consumption and that have a power consumption of more that 5% of the total power. The units that contribute less than 5% of the power will be merged into a single block and their resulting power consumption is also listed.

For the power, area and leakage of the toplevel design (meaning the total figure minus the numbers reported for the subunits) an entry 'toplevel' is added to the report.



This constructor returns a new Text::Cadenceparser object. Supported parameters are listed below


The folder where to gather the logfiles. If this option is passed, the module will search through the folder and generate a short and comprehensive overview of the results of the last synthesis run. If you pass this parameter, other parameters will ignored.


Pass an area report file that will be used to gather area input. Not to be used in combination with the 'folder' parameter.


Pass a power report file that will be used to gather power input. Not to be used in combination with the 'folder' parameter.


Key to sort the area/power results. Possible options are


The percentage-wise threshold of key that the design units need to be above in order to be listed in the result table.


This method reports the number of files that were parsed when creating the object.


This method returns the counted number of $type that were parsed.

$type can be either 'info', 'warning' or 'error'.


This method returns an overview of all parsed messages.


Returns a hash containing the messages of type $type.

$type can be either 'info', 'warning' or 'error'.


List the messages of type $type to STDOUT.

$type can be either 'info', 'warning' or 'error'.


Report the slack of the synthesis run for a specific clock net


Reports the reports/logs that are read


Report the valus of a $key that was extracted from the final.rpt report. Returns the value or undef in case the value does not exist.


Lieven Hollevoet <>


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by Lieven Hollevoet.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.