Juerd Waalboer


Text::MetaMarkup::HTML::JuerdNL - Example MM implementation


    use Text::MetaMarkup::HTML::JuerdNL;
    print Text::MetaMarkup::HTML::JuerdNL->new->parse(file => $filename);


Text::MetaMarkup::HTML::JuerdNL is a simple implementation of:

  • Text::MetaMarkup::HTML

  • Text::MetaMarkup::AddOn::Raw

  • Text::MetaMarkup::AddOn::Perl

Text::MetaMarkup::JuerdNL adds support for the following special linking schemes:


%PLP::Script::exlinx is a hash of alias => address pairs, used to resolve schemeless links. If the link is not found in this hash, it is considered to be a local page.


A link like [cpan:AUTHOR/Some::Module] will be a link to its documentation, namely at http://search.cpan.org/author/AUTHOR/Some-Module/Module.pm.

This only works properly if the Some-Module distribution has a Module.pm in its primary directory.


Just have a look at <http://juerd.nl/>. To get the MetaMarkup source, use the source link near the end of a page.


There is no license. This software was released into the public domain. Do with it what you want, but on your own risk. The author disclaims any responsibility.


Juerd Waalboer <juerd@cpan.org> <http://juerd.nl/>