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Text::Snippet::TabStop - Abstract class for other tab stop classes


version 0.04


This module provides some basic functionality as a base class for specific tab stop implementations. It requires the sub-class implement a parse method. If an object is created directly, it requires a src and <index> parameter be passed.



This is a stub method that will die if the sub-class has not provided a full implementation. The method should accept a single argument and take care of instantiating the object with the correct arguments.


  • to_string

    Returns the string representation of this object. Also available via overloaded stringification.

  • src

    Returns the original source that was parsed to create this tab stop object.

  • index

    Returns the index of this tab stop as specified on object creation.

  • replacement

    Returns replacement (if any) that has been supplied for this tab stop.

  • replace

    Serves as a setter for the replacement attribute.

  • parent

    Returns the parent tab stop (if any) that this tab stop reflects.

  • has_parent

    A "predicate" method that returns a boolean value indicating whether the parent attribute has a defined value.

  • has_replacement

    A "predicate" method that returns a boolean value indicating whether the replacement attribute has a defined value.


  Brian Phillips <bphillips@cpan.org>


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