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Text::T9 - Text in 9 keys (T9) input.


  # array with words
  my @words = qw( this is just a simple kiss test lips here how );
  # what is word(s) for the sequence
  print "$_ " for( t9_find_words( 5477, \@words ) );
  # this prints: kiss lips


What is T9 Text Input?

T9 Text Input is software that enables users to easily enter text into small devices with limited size keyboards, like mobile phones. T9 Text Input replaces the traditional "multi-tap" method of entering text providing the ability to enter text using only one keystroke per letter.

(you can find more inforation at http://www.t9.com/)

This module provides simple way to find which words match a number sequence in T9 sense.


  5477   : KISS, LIPS
  8447   : THIS
  746753 : SIMPLE
  469    : HOW

Allowed number are 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 which are mapped in this way:

  2 ABC
  3 DEF
  4 GHI
  5 JKL
  6 MNO
  7 PQRS
  8 TUV
  9 WXYZ
t9_find_words( $num, \@words_arr )

This functions takes two arguments: number sequence and words array reference. The return value is a list of matching words.


  open( i, "/tmp/words.lst" );
  @words = <i>;
  close( i );
  chomp( @words );
  print "$#words were loaded\n";
  for my $num ( qw( 5477 8447 746753 469 ) )
    print "$num: ";
    print "$_ " for( t9_find_words( $num, \@words ) );
    print "\n";


  Vladi Belperchinov-Shabanski "Cade"
  <cade@bis.bg> <cade@biscom.net> <cade@datamax.bg> <cade@cpan.org>